• 1-1-Kinesio-Pc-Fuss
  • 1-2-Kinesio-Pc-Knie
  • 1-3-Kinesio-Pc-Nacken
  • 1-4-Kinesio-Pc-Schulter
  • 1-5-Kinesio-Pc-Ruecken
  • 1-6-Kinesio-Pc-Ellenbogen
  • 2-1-Kinesio-Ro-Tuerkis
  • 2-2-Kinesio-Ro-Pink
  • 2-3-Kinesio-Ro-Beige
  • 2-4-Kinesio-Ro-Schwarz
  • 2-5-Kinesio-Ro-Blau
  • 2-6-Kinesio-Ro-Gruen
  • 2-7-Kinesio-Ro-Rot
  • 3-1-Kinesio-So-Schere
  • 3-2-Kinesio-So-Gel
  • 3-3-Kinesio-So-Buch

Sports and Cooling Gel SKG 414

• Ideal combination for Kinesiological Taping
• Medical device






The Sports & Cooling Gel with Japanese peppermint oil has a cooling effect in everyday life, sports and therapy. The gel was specially developed for Dittmann Kinesiology Tapes and works in ideal combination in the application for Kinesiological Taping. Also cools in case of muscle pain, pulled muscles, spraining, bruises or insect bites. Dermatologically tested medical device.