• 1-1-Bandage-St-Ruecken
  • 1-2-Bandage-St-Knie
  • 1-3-Bandage-St-Ellenbogen
  • 1-4-Bandage-St-Fuss
  • 1-5-Bandage-St-Hand

Knee Bandage ZBK 335

• Stabilises
• Medical device

The ZBK 335 Knee Bandage has a stabilising effect. It can be used during physical and sporting activities as well as in case of pain resulting from overload, ankle joint injuries, chronic joint pain and osteoarthritis. Its universal size is suitable for knee circumferences from approx. 30 to 45 cm and the bandage can be additionally adjusted to your individual needs by means of two large hook-and-pile fasteners. Skin-friendly and breathable inner material.