• 2-1-SPORT-Fitnessbaender
  • 2-2-SPORT-Rubberbaender
  • 2-3-SPORT-Tubes
  • 3-1-SPORT-Thermokissen
  • 3-2-SPORT-Taschenheizkissen
  • 1-Tens-Ge-240-454b1e038f
  • 2-Tens-Ge-250-516302449c
  • 4-Tens-Zu-Ruecken
  • 5-Tens-Zu-Knie
  • 6-Tens-Zu-Nacken
  • 7-Tens-Zu-Elektrode-2
  • 8-Tens-Zu-Elektrode-3
  • 2-1-Kinesio-Ro-Tuerkis
  • 2-2-Kinesio-Ro-Pink
  • 2-3-Kinesio-Ro-Beige
  • 2-4-Kinesio-Ro-Schwarz
  • 2-5-Kinesio-Ro-Blau
  • 2-6-Kinesio-Ro-Gruen
  • 2-7-Kinesio-Ro-Rot
  • 3-1-Kinesio-So-Schere
  • 1-1-Bandage-St-Ruecken
  • 1-2-Bandage-St-Knie
  • 1-3-Bandage-St-Ellenbogen
  • 1-4-Bandage-St-Fuss
  • 1-5-Bandage-St-Hand
  • 1-Thermo-DSO
  • 2-Thermo-FTM
  • DET-306_02
  • 1-1-Therapie-So-Inhaler
  • 1-3-Therapie-So-Shiatsu
  • 1-4-Therapie-So-Diabetiker

FAQ: Stimulation Sock

Stimulation Sock SFE323

Is the Stimulation Sock also available in other sizes?

The Stimulation Sock is only available in the standard size 39-45.

Can I use the Stimulation Sock for all Tens devices?

The Stimulation Sock is suitable for all Tens devices which have a cable connection for 2 mm connectors.

Can I use the Stimulation Sock on both feet?

The Stimulation Sock can be used universally for the right or left foot. The position of the cable connection does not have an impact on the power supply. Please read page 10 of the instruction manual.

Can I use two Stimulation Socks at the same time?

Using 2 Stimulation Socks is possible. The two Stimulation Socks must not come into contact during the application, since there is a risk of a short circuit → danger of injury! Please read page 10 of the instruction manual beforehand.

Can all electrode pads be used for the Stimulation Sock?

No, please only use the electrode pads included in the scope of delivery. If the adhesive electrodes are too small, the current density may become too high. Attention! Danger of injury!

Why does the Stimulation Sock not function?

Please dampen the Stimulation Sock with a little bit of water prior to the application. Make sure that there are no folds. The Stimulation Sock must lie flat against the skin. Please also read page 10 of the instruction manual.

Where can I obtain an instruction manual?

The instruction manual available for download can be found on our homepage.

Select Service -> Manuals