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FAQ: TEN 250

TEN 250

For which type of stimulation can I use the TEN 250?

The TEN 250 is intended to be used for TENS and EMS therapy. To this end, an electric current is transmitted through the skin and the nerve pathways are stimulated electrically.

Can the TENS and EMS programs be adjusted to my individual needs?

The TEN 250 has various pre-programmed and adjustable application programs for TENS and EMS therapy.

How can I detect a cable break in the TENS device TEN 250?

Example: Does channel 1 not function properly and not emit an output impulse?
There might be a cable break. Please test this cable again on channel 2 to rule out this fault. If there is still no output impulse afterwards,
please contact our service centre.

Why do the adhesive electrodes not lie properly on the skin?

- Please clean your skin before using the product. Any residues on the skin, e.g. from creams or sweat, impair the adhesive strength of the pads.
- Re-position the pads.
- If the pads are worn out, you can re-order them from the following shops: www.fit-und-aktiv24.de or www.insmedshop.de

Why can the TENS device be switched up to intensity level 10 and then falls back to level 0?

The adhesive electrodes must lie completely flat against the skin. If this is not the case, the electric circuit is interrupted and the device automatically switches back to intensity level 0 for safety reasons.

In the instruction manual, I cannot find an example of how to apply the device on the knee. Which program should I use?

Each program can generally be used on the body.
We recommend using program 4 + 10. To do this, position the adhesive electrodes as follows:
1st channel: Adhesive electrode approx. 5 cm above and below the kneecap
2nd channel: Adhesive electrode approx. 5 cm to the right and left of the kneecap

Where can I obtain an instruction manual?

The instruction manual available for download can be found on our homepage.

Select Service -> Manuals