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FAQ: Inhaler

Ultrasound Inhaler IHG 375

The atomiser head no longer atomises. What should I do?

- After each use, dry the atomiser head and the metal mesh of the nozzle using a cotton bud.
- If you have used inhalation solutions, have the device run for approx. 2 minutes after each use with clean (distilled) water so that any residues can come off.
- During operation, rub the atomiser head from time to time using a damp cotton bud.
- The service life of the atomiser head is approx. 180 operating hours. The atomiser head must then be replaced.
- A new atomiser head can be purchased from our service centre for € 14.90 plus shipping costs.

The device switches off automatically after 3 seconds. What should I do?

Please check if the atomiser head has been attached properly. You can hear this by the clicking sound when the head snaps into place in the housing. Please do not use rechargeable batteries to operate the ultrasound inhaler. In most cases, they only have a voltage of 1.2 V (volts) and this is not sufficient for smooth operation. Check if the batteries used are empty.

Please use only atomisable liquids, such as saline solutions. Never use oily liquids. They result in the atomiser head being clogged and damaged.

Where can I obtain an instruction manual?

The instruction manual available for download can be found on our homepage.

Select Service -> Manuals