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FAQ: Thermometer DSO364

Thermometer DSO364

For which temperature measurement is the thermometer suitable?

The thermometer is suitable for measurements from the forehead and ear.

Which body temperature measurement is the ideal measurement?

Scientific studies have shown that the ear is ideally suited to measure the body temperature. The body temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus whose blood vessels also supply the eardrum with blood. It is therefore advantageous to measure the body temperature from the ear if possible.

How do I optimise the measurement accuracy of the thermometer?

Adjust the thermometer as described in the instruction manual (page 23-25).
- Please remove the foil from the display before using the device.
- Check the sensor for possible soiling.
- Check if the thermometer has switched to the ear or forehead measurement depending on the respective measurement.
- When measuring the temperature from the ear, direct the measuring probe towards the eardrum.

The thermometer flashes and it is not possible to measure the temperature!

The cleaning alarm is activated and the "Cleaning" warning indicator flashes. Press the "MEM" key to deactivate the cleaning alarm. Further information can be found on page 37 of the instruction manual.

Where can I obtain an instruction manual?

The instruction manual available for download can be found on our homepage.

Select Service -> Manuals