• 4-Tens-Zu-Ruecken
  • 5-Tens-Zu-Knie
  • 6-Tens-Zu-Nacken
  • 7-Tens-Zu-Elektrode-2
  • 8-Tens-Zu-Elektrode-3

Back Pain Belt RGT 284

• Electrical stimulation
• With two compresses
• Paraphernalia*

Back pain belt RGT 284: Targeted application, easy to use without assistance and without adhesive electrodes. 3 in 1 for pain, heat and cold use on the back, 2 cold/warm compresses included. One size fits all, for waist sizes from approx. 75 to 125 cm. Adjustable via two large Velcro fasteners.
*Only usable with a TENS device.